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Jordan Merrill

Jordan Merrill is a Manufacturing/ Research and Development Engineer in the automotive aftermarket industry specializing in mass airflow sensor design and manufacturability.

When Jordan is not designing the next generation of sensors, he can be found either driving his 350Z or Kawasaki Ninja around the mountainous landscape of western Colorado - at the speed limit of course
Jordan, host of Backseat Drivers podcast

More About Jordan

Jordan found his passion for cars at a young age while playing video games like Need for Speed and growing up with the Fast and Furious franchise. It wasn't until his high school years when he had his first car, a Nissan 300zx, that he found an interest in how cars are designed and the engineering decisions made to mass produce vehicles.

This sparked his drive to become a mechanical engineer and work within the automotive industry to fix all the problems he first saw when his 300zx would break down due to poor engineering design, regularly. Naturally, Formula 1 fit Jordan’s wheelhouse and allowed him to look even further from mass produced vehicles to unique, one-off race cars that are designed to be the fastest machine on the track and all the design considerations/constraints that the F1 team engineers have to work through.

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2023 Miami GP Review

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